Life's biggest moments need beautiful photography, so take a peek at your desired gallery and contact Emma about booking your session or wedding! Sessions begin at $200 and weddings begin at $2495.


We all have unmistakably, life-changing, unmissable moments, moments we want to relive over and over again. That's why we take photos, right? Not just to remember, but to re-LIVE.

We might capture our everyday moments with our phones (or maybe you're lucky like me and have a big camera!), but the biggest, most important moments? Those deserve the best documentation possible, by someone who cares about them almost as much as you.

That's why I'm here! To make sure those moments are captured and kept, edited in a timeless way, and shot with honesty and beauty in mind.

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You're getting married! And that's pretty darn exciting! You’re about to experience something life-changing, and you don’t want to forget a single detail of this moment. I’m here to help you remember your moments and one day see how the small stories had a great impact on your life.

Wedding collections begin at $2495. View price guide here.
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Whether you're announcing to the world you're buying a minivan, starting a new chapter of your life, or about to start the greatest adventure of all, I'm so excited to help you remember this moment for years to come, so you never forget how much it changed your life!