Marriage, Love, and a Kansas City Sneak Peak

So it is probably a cardinal blogging sin to have two wedding previews floating around, along with a baby preview, after a massive slew of shameless self-promotion, but let me tell you, I have a darn tootin' good reason.

Approximately one week ago this past Saturday, I had my wedding (celebration). Yeah, man. I am one of the elite. The proud. The many.

Now I can officially consider myself a bride that has experienced many of the typical wedding stresses. Now I know what it is like to want oh so badly to see those photos of you and your man (which some are coming soon of Jeff and me! yay!) on one of the biggest freaking days of your life. Now I know the feeling of having so little time to plan one day which focuses on the one person you will have all the time in the world for, for the rest of your life. Now I can say that I ate, drank and got married.

Ladies and gentlemen, life just got more exciting and I blame my wedding. So cheers to all those who found their other, to those who have tied their knots, to those who are courting, and to those who are still flirting in the sandbox. This one's for you.

Just to keep the happiness floating around, here's a preview of yesterday's wedding.