Megan + James ::: Engagement

They had to finish undergrad at Kansas Weslyan before they actually spoke to each other, you know, really spoke to each other. He thought she was cute, so he took it upon himself to strike up a Facebook conversation the summer after graduation. Oh Facebook. The bonder of many (bonder isn't a word, but stay with me here). Chatting online led to meeting up in person led to a couple years of dating bliss, and now they're engaged with a wedding coming up in September.

Megan and James, you two are the bomb diggity, and I am all giddy because you want to me to shoot your wedding. Your engagement shoot was oh so terribly fun, and I couldn't help but giggle with you guys when I was going through these photos. Have a fantastic summer, and I will see you in the Fall!

Both of you = adorable. Seriously. Look at you.