Papua and a Preview

While I would not say that I am addicted to coffee, I would say that I do enjoy it. A lot. So much so, in fact, that I even drink it black, as I feel a touch of milk and/or sugar taints the flavor. Don't get me wrong though, steam me some milk, throw in a couple shots of espresso and a good helping of flavoring and I will be a sipping fiend. In terms of functionality, though, coffee is like a drug to me, and this morning I needed my fix (not in an addicted kind of way though, I am telling you). No frills or tasty ruffles. I needed coffee... straight up. What else better to accompany my cinnamon roll?

This morning, that straight up cup was a double Papua New Guinea drip (or something like that) or in lamens terms a medium cup of coffee in a light roast. I swear, sometimes I think I should be a virtual barista.

Speaking of baristas, my dear friend Amy has found herself betrothed and asked me too photograph her and her fiance, Dan. Take one look at them, and you will see how saying no would have been a very silly mistake.