Sara + Randy ::: An Arizona Wedding

Hey pretty people. Get ready for a wedding of grandeur. It's beautiful. It's foreign (like...Arizona foreign). And it's one-of-a-kind (as most weddings are, I would imagine). It's my pleasure to present this cutesy thing of a wedding, featuring the one and only Sara and Randy Harsha. This wedding was full of love and Italian heritage, and I hope you are able to grasp some of that from the photos featured. 

WARNING: Try not to get Arizona envy. You might just pack up your  bags, drop out of college, quit your job, and prematurely (or perhaps right on time) become a snowbird and move there. It's as gorgeous and felt as amazing as you might imagine. Sheesh-ka-bobs.

Now, let's start with a lovely piece of Etsy awesome:

Oh hey, pretty lady!