Sunburns, Wrong Turns, and a Wedding Preview

After returning from Sara and Randy's wedding, I had a bit of a hassle at the airport. Me, not being the frequent air-traveler, made the mistake of not checking and double-checking my itinerary. You live. You learn. And eight hours stuck in an airport will certainly teach you well. It is times like those that I really love my job. Not only did I get to experience Arizona, but for a moment, but I was also able to work while in the airport. It's a portable profession. It moves me, and it moves with me!

Now I am setting safely on the ground, but not before getting to see my fellow contribute to the Nascar race in Kansas City this weekend. It got me well acquainted with the summer-light, which is kicking my skin with a bright and fresh burn. That's alright though. I am bearing it in good faith that it will settle into a yummy golden-brown, just like some beer bread I plan to make later this week. I mean, what else would you do with a Coors Light than bake with it?

Have a fantastic week and enjoy a preview of my most recent wedding.