Things to Come with RWP

First let me thank everyone for supporting my photographic endeavors. I really do think you guys are the coolest (my home-town models and good old-fashioned supporters alike). Any encouragement is welcomed with open arms, and it really does make me feel like one million dollars. I don't know what it is, but if I feel like one million dollars, I am likely to take better photos. :)

That being said, I thought I would give you a much-earned update on things to come with Rose Wheat Photography. Very soon, expect to see Ryan and Allie's awesome opossum wedding. Seriously. Those two are fan-frickin-tastic, and all the DIY action all but killed me. Next up is my great friends' Drew and Caitlin's wedding. I will be a dual-action woman, taking their photos and also acting as a bridesmaid (this should be interesting).  Expect a few more shoots mixed in here or there, and then I will be heading to California  for a couple weeks. There will likely be a break in session-posting (unless of course I find some very eager, beautifully engaged folks, or maybe a gorgeous little family), but to make up for it I will post some sure-to-be fabulous photos of the area. It's a road trip, so anything is possible people. Anything.

Lastly, notice the preview of this snazzy little e-session I did in Lawrence. These two are neato like frito pie, and I will be shooting their wedding come September.