Caitlin + Drew ::: A Kansas City Wedding

Caitlin needed someone else to add to her team to go to South Africa. She had plenty of creativity, but what the team lacked was someone who could handle finances well, and maybe patch people up in the event of an accident. That was when someone suggested Drew. They met the winter before they left, and come May, practically strangers, they left for South Africa. For the next eleven weeks they endured countless adventures, the main one: they survived a different culture... together, and they did it all for something greater than themselves, for the Church, for God. After Africa, they were ready for home, despite the joyful times shared there.

It wasn't until around November that Drew saw Caitlin's self-sacrifice, and Caitlin saw qualities in him that she had been looking for her entire life. It was then that they decided to try out dating. Just under a year later, they were engaged, and this past Saturday, I had the pleasure of being in their wedding, as both photographer and bridesmaid. Coming away from the weekend, there is no doubt in my mind (as well as probably everyone else's) that these two love each other. The tears said it all. When Drew saw Caitlin walking down the aisle at the rehearsal. And the next day, when it was really happening. When Caitlin saw Drew for the first time on their wedding day, meeting beforehand at the reception site for the First Look. And, as a wedding party member, while we were waiting to walk down the aisle, to pave the way for two very incredible people. All of those tears either stored up or spent were an outward indication of what these two people hold.

It is so precious, and it makes them some of the luckiest people on the earth. Now, take a walk through their wedding day, soaking in the moments that dictate eternity. 

 Drew and Caitlin decided to do a First Look at their reception site.

Photo credit: Will Wetherilt (Next three photos)

It was all rather emotional.