Family that is Friends

Alright, so I am SO excited today. First of all there is an adorable little blog preview below (siblings...twins!). Second. And this is a big second. Today, some amaz-awesome friends of mine who I have literally traveled halfway around the world with are marrying EACH OTHER today. When does that happen? It's two people that I love to pieces, that I have had crazy ridiculous adventures with have decided to start a family together. Aside from me thinking that they are the bomb diggity, they are also just really amazing people. They have hearts for Jesus, for people, and for pretty things. Caitlin is a graphic designer (oh man, get ready for the centerpieces), Drew is going to med school and together they might just take over the world ... in a non-dictatorial kind of way. So get amped for this wedding and grab some tissues. I am getting butterflies just typing about it. 

Have a delightful Saturday!