Days to Remember

Just so you all know, this past weekend was so wonderful. Two people that I love are in love with each other and decided to do something permanent about it. All of their friends and family seemed to love them a lot as well, as there were many tears and smiles all weekend, Thursday to Saturday. Additionally, I had a most unique wedding experience as a bridesmaid-photographer. 

While some have asked me if it was a burden holding both titles, such a thought has been the furthest thing from my mind. At this point I have been to more weddings as a photographer than as a guest, and it is beginning to feel like home. Being without a camera at a wedding is sort of like flying without wings for me. With my camera in hand, I am able to share show everyone the wedding that I see, the beauty in the unseen, the joy in the moments unknown. It is an opportunity that few have the privilege of experiencing, and to miss out on said opportunity with some of my dearest friends would seriously be ludicrous. So, is it my burden? Hardly. It is my pleasure. I would do it all again. I would do it ten times over. My seams are practically bursting because of all of the wonderfultasticlovelyandferociousawesome that I got Saturday (along with all of the wonderful food...). 

Sit tight, expect more shortly, and savor this little blip until then:

Stay classy, Blogland.