To the Redwood Forests!

It has been a great summer so far, though I hardly remember it even starting. It's gone faster than all of the summers prior, and it kind of makes me sad. That is probably a good reason to make the most of your time, no matter what you are doing. Even if that means lots of coffee to stay bright-eyed and too many clothes...just too many clothes. When were those things ever bad though?

What I am trying to say is that today is the day that my husband and I will finally shove off to California-land. We'll be perusing the country for the next two weeks, and it is sure to be a dandy time. We will see how well I am able to stay up on my blogging while mobile. We're driving so surely I will see something of wonder and awe that I will have to post up here. If not... get ready for big white spaces like so:

Ok, enough. Seriously. I feel now would be an appropriate time to show something nice and pretty.

Consider this a momentary farewell to Kansas. Goodbye, grassy plains.