Up and Coming with RWP

So I have been a blogging master (or mistress? ummm) trying to crank out as many posts as I can before the end of this week. The urgency is because of the wonderfulness that I spoke of at the end of the month...... I'm going to California!!! I get the privilege of seeing some fairly amazing people and new family that is typically acquired via marriage. My husband and I will be cruising the coast, driving there and camping along the way. It should be a pretty awesome time. My goal is to be as organized as possible and blog ahead of time.  The posts will be surfacing automatically. Who knows when or if I will be able to access the internet, so I am just going to kill two birds with one stone (or three, or four, or....ten). Wish me luck, as it has been a while since I have traveled cross-country or camped or... slept outside. It will be fine... just as long as I remember the bug spray.

To kick off the blog-attack, here's a preview from an engagement last week.