Amanda + Kenny ::: A Kansas City Wedding

Fresh at college, working with her peers she jokingly asked, “Who is the most eligible bachelor?” The answer was obvious, and so proceeded the matchmaking. Friends started working to get Amanda and Kenny dating, and it wasn’t long before they were an item. Not only did they mesh well (like really well… like “bread and butter”, “butter and honey”, “get” and “down”), but everyone loved them together, their friends and families alike. Here they are, two college degrees later and tying the knot. Now the two of them will be starting their life together in Kansas City, after a beautiful, fancy-free, creative wedding. Being a bride for Amanda seemed natural, as though she had been preparing her whole life for that day, and Kenny joined her with confidence, style and swagger (like SWAG-ger).

Thank you both for giving me the opportunity to shoot your wedding. Thank you for making it personal, and really making everyone feel valued. I wish you the best in Mexico, Kansas City, and beyond!