Luke ::: Baby Session

He's one year old and sweeping the.. well, the neighborhood probably. While still stroller bound from time to time, he is walking and running and making himself seen. Who is this epic being I am informing you of? Why it is baby Luke, growing and leaping and turning a whole entire year old. Just this month, he passed the 12 month mark. Though speaking mainly in Babel, it is clear he has something to say. With manners better than most three year olds (but the feet a wee cheetah), he made shooting to be something of a breeze (and by breeze I mean I felt the wind on my skin as I ran around trying to keep up with him, also... multiple couples can testify to my inability to walk backwards while taking photos. I may or may not have spent a couple times on the ground, unexpectedly and unintentionally. Luckily, on this shoot I kept my feet on the ground and my rear off of it).

Kim and Mike, what gorgeous spawn you have. Thanks for being cool and classy.