Rachel + Zach ::: Engagement

When trying to decide on where to take engagement photos, some of the best spots come up when couples decide to find their own locations, either because they think it has the look they want for their shoot or just because it holds sentimental value. With Rachel and Zach, they decided to take their engagement location into their own hands so Zach has us take photos out at his grandparents' farm. Not only were they especially welcoming to have me (in the middle of the shoot we took a break and had dinner, made by none other than his grandparents), but they let us go just about wherever we wanted, so long as it was within reason. Not that we got to crazy, but we did meander over to the neighbor's yard (a whopping country mile away) and snagged some sunflower shots. Seriously: best. job. ever.

Thank you both for being so hospitable and setting the stage for your mutual gorgeousness!