And Eat it Too

This weekend my grandmother celebrated her 83rd birthday. It is so amazing to see how even after 83 years of life, birthdays are still jubilant times, maybe even more so than when someone is younger. No matter how many years have passed, she still remains a birthday girl, though a mother of six, a grandmother of exponentially more, a woman by most classifications of the word, she is a birthday girl. Birthdays, though at times indicative of age and experience, are also such youthful times, times to commemorate someone's life and to be totally elated at the fact that they are still around.

Whether you celebrate with your nursing home buddies in a local coffee shop or dance until your soles wear thin (or both), be joyful and thankful of your life and the lives or your loved ones. Take a moment to remember your own milestones, to thank others for getting you there, making a wish or saying a prayer as you extinguish the flames of decades transpired.

I pray you have your cake (and eat it too).

Speaking of celebration, my congratulations go out to these two for being adorable and engaged.