Courtney + Andrew ::: Engagement

Engagements can be an adventurous time. Sometimes, it is very difficult to find the appropriate locations. Most of the time I prefer to let my clients choose their locations so it’s a more personal experience for them when they go back to look at their photos in the future. However, life happens. Even the best locations with the best intentions get intervened. With Courtney and Andrew, life came in the form of rain.

We survived the first half of the photo shoot, but the weather turned sour.  Immediately I tried to rack my brain for locations with decent indoor, natural lighting.  While my brain went on hold, Andrew (who was visiting from Illinois, mind you) most brilliantly suggests Hale library.

We managed to snag a couple shots there, and once the rain passed, we headed back outside to turn our downtown engagement into something of a London-esque romance.

Thank you both for working with me through some difficult circumstances, and being troopers: soggy-bottoms and all. 

I introduce to you Andrew and Courtney, betrothed and beatific with their love for one another.