Lynee + Austin ::: Engagement

Sometimes couples come along who are especially excited about having their photos taken. Most people seem to think it is going to be fun, but with Lynee and Austin, they seemed totally psyched. Seriously. Ridiculously. Awesomely. It made for one. happy. photographer.

They handed me an adventure, and I thought it was supposed to be the other way around! First we hit up K-State's football stadium. We had permission to be on the turf. Before arriving, I was kind of jazzed, but as we were walking down onto the field itself I felt my heart start to race a little. What?! I didn't even know I liked football! We ran all about the stadium and pretended to own the place.

Afterwards, we headed to the KSU botanical gardens where we not only bumped into another photographer (it's a pretty hot spot!), but we got a guest appearance by...  well, I'll just keep it a surprise! Scroll on, and enjoy a journey through the campus of K-State with a pair most adorable: Austin & Lynee.