Teresa + Sheldon ::: Engagement

Recently brides and grooms to be have been leading me to the most interesting of places and situations. My latest pair took me out to the boonies! For those of you that don’t know, that means the middle of nowhere. Ok, so it wasn’t the middle of nowhere per se, but it was definitely out there, and about a good hour from Manhattan. Teresa and Sheldon took us to King Solomon Christian Camp outside of Solomon, Kansas. When possible, I love love love it when the beauties that come to me have special locations that they would like to have their photos taken at. This location was quite the important place to them on several counts, the main one being it was where they met, where they started to fall it love. It was because of this common factor that they are now (after a long chain of events) deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. We explored and reenacted all of the places they first experienced life together, and it was a joy to get a deeper look into my friends’ lives.

Enjoy the latest budding love.