Maggie + Gabe ::: Engagement

When I tried to ask the two of them who pursued who, all I got were giggles and a story of their history together, dating back to high school (at least). It is rare to find a couple that has known one another so long before deciding to tie the knot, and it is certainly a treasure when it comes along. Their past is undeniable. It took nothing for them to laugh with one another and smile about nothing. Sometimes this happens because of the awkwardness of having a photographer stare at you during an intimate moment, but not with these two. It was clear to me that this was an everyday occurrence.

This summer, the two of them will share a once in a lifetime occurrence, covenanting to a life together, full of ups and down sure, but also overflowing with plenty of smiles and laughter, the glue that will connect the events of their lives.

I introduce to you Maggie + Gabe: engaged.