Amy + Dan ::: Wedding

Amy was struggling with learning French, when she was referred by a friend to this tutor. He was suspicious but kind. There was something about him that Amy couldn't seem to get out of her mind. That something was his uncanny ability to irritate her. Such a factor set Dan apart. Soon enough, the french to giggle ratio overturned and the entire language went by the wayside. Where her grade ended up will be left undocumented, but it is safe to say that her's and Dan's life took a turn for the better, the best in fact. It is through each other that they are finding wholeness. There is a sort of completeness that has grown from their union, and it is undeniable that these two were all but made for one another. This all goes to show that small failures lead to great achievements, even if the goal changes during the process.

Congratulations to the both of you, and I wish you the best of life and loveliness.