Megan + Kelley ::: Maternity

These are my friends Kelley and Megan. They're like, so totally married and so totally prego. They're preggaried. That's right. You heard it here first. They're preggaried, and the world couldn't be more excited about it. There due to pop any month now, and everyone is waiting on pins and needles to see just how long their little boy's red locks are going to be and whether or not he already knows how to speak Gaelic. Why Gaelic, you ask? Well because they are headed to IRELAND or course. WHOA! Double whammy. Bet you didn't see that one coming. Ireland is right folks. They'll be headed yonder with the hopes of planting a church in what sounds like "Dra-ha-dah" but it spelled much differently I am sure. No offense intended, just a general lack of Irish geography and a understanding for the Gaelic language. If you think they are neat-o, feel free to Facebook them or send a message my way to let them know that you will be praying for them or checking for them (and by checking, I mean send checks worth some financial amount towards them).

Alright then, well that about sums that up! In other news, here are some photos of some fan-freakin-tastic people.