Emma + Jon | Engagement | Kansas City, Mo

It was a day just like any other. Coffee was on his mind, and once it was there, he had no choice but to succumb to his desires to consume the drink of the gods. It was long before he arrived at the place of his stomach’s desire. Little did he know, he would soon encounter more than coffee, more than smells and simple fixes for addiction.

Behind the counter stood a barista, unlike any he had ever met. There was something outstanding about her. Maybe it was her demeanor, her voice, her smile, maybe it was a everything. Whatever it was, Jonathan knew she was the cocktail of perfection, the dish he came to order, and suddenly coffee became obsolete.

It wasn’t long before he bought her a piece of jewelry, one that she would wear for years to come. He presented it to her at sunrise while visiting her grandparents’ home on the outskirts of Kansas City. 

This is where we bring our story today, with a sunrise engagement session, shot in the very place he proposed just weeks before. 

Fall in love with Emma and Jon and be inspired by their beauty.