Silas | One Year | Manhattan, Kansas

In my hometown, my mom would take me to the swimming pool after the sun went down. It wasn't until I got older that I realized this was an isolated experience, but small towns have advantages like that. I'd surface and stare at the glowing water with my eyelashes adorned in drops of water, would make the everything glisten. The heat of the summer would bring out critters that then I found fascinating, with toads (then frogs as far as I was concerned) ranking number one. They would swim with us, doing whatever it is that toads do in a swimming pool. Sometimes I would catch one and contemplate kissing it. Maybe, if I were lucky, this one would be the one. This one would be the prince, and with the lightest peck would be freed from its enslavement. Unfortunately, prince-frog myths were frequently accompanied by toad-wart warnings are were my biggest deterrent from finding transfigured royalty.

Just recently though, while on a photographic escapade, I came across a frog-prince. He just turned one and is adorable as ever. While I have since found my own prince, perhaps one day Silas will find a frog-princess to call his own. Now though, his greatest joy in life is a pinwheel, which as you will see was his strongest path to happiness on our mini session. What an adorable, beautiful family he is a part of!