Photographers Meeting Photographers

Yesterday, I was struck with inspiration, motivation, boredom-anxiety perhaps, and I wanted to shoot. So I decided to strike up a meet-up with a photographer so I could photograph her. Jannicka (Juh-NEEK-uh) of jannicka mayte photography was my model photographer and SHE ROCKED IT.  I was accompanied by Brandon J. Depew, a witty and fearless film photographer (you must be if you shoot film) and the vibrant Laura Foote of capturedinHISimage Photography. Teaming up with other photographers, shooting photographers ohmygosh I can hardly contain the joy I gained from such an experience. I'm twittering like an over-caffeinated gerbil out of sheer excitement for the next time something like this happens.

So, give Jannicka some love! LADY IS GORGEOUS!

So lovely. :)

MODEL. I'm telling you. This girl is undercover.