Shooting the Details

Something photographers and brides alike crave are adorable details at weddings, and I'm not just talking about puppies and babies. It's the light fixtures welded by the bride's father, the hair pieces delicately constructed with a hot-glue gun, the centerpieces made of items collected from his grandfather's barn. All of these things help to make the wedding both beautiful and unique to the bride and groom. They show their personality and style. It is my job to make sure I capture these bits and bobbles, so that years down the road they can look through their wedding photos and remember "Yes, we did burn our hands, prick our fingertips, and spend late hours on those pieces... and we don't regret a second of it."

At Carmen and Jeff's beautiful wedding at the Columbian Theater this weekend, they had several adorable details scattered about. One of my favorites was their birdcage card box. While it was placed in a way that worked well for guests and the flow of the cocktail hour, I wanted it to be in better light. Incidentally, when I moved the birdcage, the background also became less cluttered and more soft, bringing the focus to the cage, the "cards" sign and the rose petals on the table.

While I typically don't like to contrive situations, I am glad I made this little adjustment and will definitely be trying this more in the future.