Alison + Sam | Wedding | Weston, Missouri

He was her rescuer. No really, he was. Years of friendship, of knowing that Sam was someone she could count on, meant that she had somewhere to turn when it appeared she was out of options. There was no time like the present for Sam when Alison was stranded on the side of the road. He rushed to her side as distress-ridden damsels were difficult to turn down. That was the spark that was needed to start something more, even if all they could sense at the time were fumes from a broken-down vehicle.

It wasn't long before they realized there was something more to be held between the two of them.

One day he was waiting in a park, rose in one hand, ring in the other. She was "her", and they both knew it. With a question from Sam, Alison opened a notebook and revealed the word "Yes."

The Saturday before last, they committed their lives to one another in the apple orchard of the Weston Red Barn Farm before their family and friends. They're a beautiful couple with even more striking hearts. Take in the love of Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Alison.