Inspiration unto Inspiration

As a photographer a constant struggle, game, and pleasure of my job is to keep up with the art that is photography, including everything from posing to lighting to concepts. While I am always challenging myself with photos, training my eyes to find the best light, most natural poses and natural reflectors while on the job, off-duty I need to do some studying. 

Academia has never been my favorite pastime, but trust me, when Vogue is your textbook, learning easily blurs with recreation. It is through magazines that I get a better understanding of high-end photography. Vogue is a magazine that I subscribed to specifically for that reason.

I would be in the grocery store, waiting in line and always be captivated by their cover photos, generally taken in natural light, accentuating the beauty of the woman on the cover but not making her look over-processed, over-posed, or fake.

When a new issue comes in, I'll open it and immediately find shots that inspire me, dog-earring the pages.

Pretty much every shot of Emma Stone in this month's issue was amazing, hence the excessive flipped corners.

Wherever you find inspiration, soak it up and find a way to remember it. You never know when you might want to look back on it or why, but you definitely won't regret holding onto it for the future.

Have an unforgettable Monday!