Maggie + Gabe | Wedding | Fort Riley, Kansas

There are couples that are happy together and there are couples that are happy together. I will let you guess which category Maggie and Gabe fall into. It's one thing to smile when you see someone, it is another thing to incessantly update your nearest and dearest (as well as any innocent bystanders) of your dental history. These two are such culprits. They just can't contain their joy! Sometimes, this sort of happiness is a spring that fills over years of knowing one another. Their wedding day is the moment when this person that they have been so overjoyed to have in their lives becomes a permanent fixture. What better emotion for it evoke than utter happiness?

While looking through their day, realize that any moment in which you see their pearly whites, it was inspired not by a photographer's prompting, but by a youthful love and a deep relationship.