Traveling Mercies

Since about May (and probably for the rest of my life) I have been traveling... a lot. Whether I am driving a couple hours to shoot an engagement session am leaving spontaneously to an undetermined location, the going gets tough sometimes. Flying solo, conversation with myself can get rather dry. There would be no surviving hours and hours on the road if I did not have some quality music to accompany me. 

While just about any genre will do, as radio scanning can easily prove, I typically settle into one three categories: Christian worship albums, ambient instrumentals, and albums of ridiculous awesomeness. See below.

Worship Album:
These guys are based out of Redding, California and make beautiful musical harmony, both literally and figuratively. While album makes for a great sing along, tracks eight, nine, and ten are my all time favorites. Just preview them on iTunes and you will hear what I am talking about!

Ambient Instrumentals:
Ok, so this is not truly instrumental, but when I first heard it was the background music for an amazing wedding video shot by the Cana Family. This album helped me write one of the hardest papers of my undergrad education.

Ridiculous Awesomeness:
Yes, it is ridiculous and awesome. This album prevented me from writing the hardest paper of my undergrad education. Every song flooded my brain with photographic inspiration, and I had to stop listening to it because I wasn't getting anything done. This lady is so creative, and if you have never listened to her work, you are missing out! Treat yourself. :)

Hopefully these will help get you through these hot summer days, and you enjoy them as much as I do!