Brittney + Aaron | Pillsbury Crossing Engagement

Life seems to fly by for most of us, and that feeling is only aided by huge events and life-altering decisions. Brittney and Aaron and ever-aware of this fact, as their three month engagement is coming to a close one week from today!!! It has been a whirlwind for them of planning, coordinating, scheduling, and creating a vision for one of the most crucial days of their lives, but here they are!

Their lives are pretty much the movie Pearl Harbor without the dying lovers, 1940s era clothing, and Faith Hill musical interludes. Ok fine. Their lives are nothing like the move Pearl Harbor, BUT Aaron knows how to fly a plane, so that all just sounds like a recipe for couple cuteness (ask him about flying at night above the clouds) (why didn't we do our engagement session IN A PLANE?!).

Hope you enjoy staring at the faces of this beautiful pair before you see more come their wedding day on the 21st! :D

Their engagement session was held out at Pillsbury Crossing, a wildlife area about 15 minutes outside of Manhattan.