Tess + Codi | Engagement | Rose Wheat Photography | Manhattan, Kansas

Ok, if you can look through this engagement session without smiling something might be wrong with you. Like you're missing a mouth. Or someone dared you not to smile or they'd do something horrific to you.

Tess and Codi just have so much cuteness floating around between the two of them, I pretty much giggled and encouraged them for the first half hour of their shoot because I was so ecstatic about them. This is not normal and it is also probably a result of me drinking a wee bit too much coffee for lunch, but that's ok. These two clearly respond well to positive feedback. Just look at them. They're practically a walking Pac-Sun ad, and it couldn't have made me more giddy. 

Be on the look out for their wedding this summer, but in the meantime enjoy their love-filled, beauteous , engage-a-journey.