Bouquet | Week in Review | Rose Wheat Photography

This week I woke up to the blogosphere, and threw ample amount of fun your way. It was a busy but beautiful week, and I want to make sure you don't miss a thing! Let's review:

1. We kicked off the week with a lifestyle newborn session of little

Seth Cope


2. Saturday my beautiful friends Allie and Ryan let me meet their very first baby,

Layna Opal


3. The same day, I photographed

Kate and Drew

, a lovely engaged pair. Their session was semi-styled, with balloons, a tandem bicycle, vintage frames, and a mexican throw blanket.

4. Sunday I revealed my new use of reflectors to you along with a striking

before and after


5. Monday I continued the


campaign and shot Hilary, a bright and bubbly barista.

6. Wednesday I started moving forward with a 2013 goal:

shoot a wedding in Oregon at cost


7. Finally, yesterday I revealed that I will be

needing an intern

for this summer's wedding season.

Every week is certainly not like this past one, but I honestly wouldn't mind if they were! It was full of beauty, love, and surprises.

Speaking of surprises, this morning I was very pleased to see that Manhattan was looking adorned as ever with snow-laden pine trees. Before arriving at Radina's to work with some internet, I couldn't help but grab some shots with my new 45mm Tilt-shift. :)

Mind if I share?