Learning the Hubby | Personal | Rose Wheat Photography

"We're going to go out and enjoy the day," I thought. "And maybe I'll secretly put my camera in your hands."

As soon as I handed him my camera the secret was out. He was probably tipped off by the fact that I volunteered us on a nature walk (which I never do), and I had my camera in hand during said walk (which I also never do).

Shutter speeds, aperture, ISO. I'm training this man to use a camera in manual. He's a seasoned soldier, so he can surely handle to learn the hard way. ;) There was heavy direction on my part, but I was pleasantly surprised with what he managed to capture.


Most recently I have been motivated to teach him how to use my big girl camera because we'll be traveling abroad, and I'd love it if there were some somewhat decent shots of myself. I mean, I love pictures of Jeff, but I'd at least like some (pretty) proof that I was there too.