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I've been photographing the Siders family for few years now, covering Sarah's maternity session, John's baby photos, and a handful of family shots as they've grown and developed. Last month I got yet another opportunity to photograph them, with the present milestone being little John's second birthday this past November. That, and this little man was going to be granted a haircut post session (even if it didn't happen for a couple weeks), which is kind of a big deal when you've never had a haircut before. Let me tell you, this little dude went from a free-spirited flower child to a straight-edged dapper dan. I can't say he necessarily lost his free-spirit, but it was certainly a 180. Sorry I can't provide you with documentation, but I can, most certainly, show you the before, coupled with all the quirky happiness of his parents. They're a beautiful set, and I hope you enjoy staring at their shining faces as much as I enjoyed shooting them.


Not only is Sarah a rockin' mom, pastor's wife, and social worker, but she's a phenom in the writing department. She posts her most recent musings over at

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Josh is both father and pastor, check out his teachings and find out more about

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We let John run free for a moment, so I could snag a couple shots of the two of them as a couple. It's easily over-looked during family sessions, but it's one of my favorite things to shoot. Professional photos as a pair doesn't happen often once kiddos come along, so I leap at the opportunity to give them something extra from their session.