Bouquet | Week in Review | Rose Wheat Photography

There was really nothing spectacular this week, except for one gigantic, glaring beauty of a detail:

The unveiling of

Rose Wheat | Beauty

. Its purpose is to capture women in their most beautiful state, to allow them to take a moment to be gorgeous.

Additionally, which is actually something pretty incredible, I recapped

Corrina's homecoming

when she got to see her husband again after nine long months of deployment.

And for all you photographer's with loved ones out there I filled you in on what it is like to

teach your loved one

how to use a DSLR so he/she can grab some good quality shots of you as you're going about your day to day life.

Jeff and I traveled home this weekend to revel in the beauty of Otis and the love of nearby family. It's his first time back to my parent's home since his return to the states. Despite being from Cali, he really likes him some country getaways. ;)

Yesterday morning I woke up to an all-too-surreal cloudy morning. You might have seen me mention it on


. I couldn't help but document things properly with my new tilt shift.

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