God + Life + Photography Retreat | Personal | Maple, WI

Goodness, where to begin. You know when you experience something lifechanging, it sometimes feels like a tidal wave crashing over you? Things are dramatically changed. Once the water subsides, you stop at look at the wreckage around you, not knowing where to begin but knowing that things are different. Imagine though, that instead of debris and destruction, the water subsides and leaves a garden where there was once only soil. You are then given the process of choosing which flowers to pick and breathe in, and which plants to pull. Yeah, that's me right now.

This past weekend, I traveled out to Lake Superior near Maple, WI for a four-day workshop called God + Life + Photography. It was designed for female photographers to come and gain a better understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ, a photographer, and still lead a life with everyday tasks. Each day held more understanding and invaluable content. Not only was I presented with tiny ways to alter my photography business, but on a grand scale I learned how to love others as God would love them. In no way have I reached perfection in this area, but I am one step closer than I was before---and I can directly attribute my growth to this workshop.

What better way to begin my story-telling than through photos:

The first two days of the workshop we were living in a blizzard. Rumor had it we were just off the lake, but I certainly couldn't have been able to know with my eyes as everything outside was gray-white. Despite the chilly air, the barn we stayed at was full of beautiful, loving, God-fearing women that were ready to embrace one another and grow as photographers and lovers of God.

Lake Superior Barn was full of rustically modern details. Not a single thing was overlooked from the lightbulbs to the countertops, and it made the perfect location for a four-day getaway. No one cared that the weather was icky outside if it meant curling up on an over-stuffed leather chair next to a fireplace.

On day two, we all broke out our cameras. Absolutely nothing was off-limits. What else could you expect from 13 photographers in one place? Each day we were fed with amazing food, strong teaching, worship and photography tips. On our second day we were paired up and given the chance to photograph one another. It was a fun opportunity to let loose with our cameras in a safe environment. Be on the lookout out for my indoor, natural light session with Veronica!

On our third day, we got the opportunity to photograph two beautiful couples, one models as an engagement couple and another threw on their wedding outfit from six months ago to be our wedding couple. All four were painfully beautiful people, and I'll be sharing shots from that adventure soon as well! As you can see above, we also got into some more in depth photography training before we photographed our models. We were all able to learn and share techniques, and it was mutually beneficially for all involved. As though we were all shot out by the end of the day, I concluded day three with a little shootout with Jessica, our California photographer at the workshop.

Each evening and morning was prayer-filled, and we all left encouraged but only because every woman came with their hearts open, vulnerable, and ready for change. 

Expect to see small changes in Rose Wheat Photography, as it's a time for growth and pruning. It's all changes for the better that will hopefully yield loved clients and beautiful work.