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They met in a high school, but not their high school. You see, they were both moderately gifted in forensics in high school (not crime scene investigation... think more like a traveling acting troupe). Ben managed to grab Tracy's number, because he thought she was cute. Their relationship was left at a text conversation, only to be revived at a later time.

After several years, a couple high school diplomas and some bachelor's degrees, Ben saved Tracy in her time of need. He had a truck. She had stuff. One phone call later, and it's all over. Ben started wooing this fancy lady, and it wasn't long before he was proposing to her with rose petals and candlelight.

They had a classically beautiful wedding in Topeka, Kansas at the Western Hills Baptist Church, joined by their family and friends on a breezy spring afternoon. Their reception followed at the Ramada West, where they danced their pantyhose off.

Wish these two a lovely time as they embark on their first year of marriage!

Tracy and her ladies got their hair done at Affinity Hair & Nails in Topeka, KS/

Tracy and Ben opted for the first look, which was so precious. Nothing beats giving the bride and groom and moment to just soak each other in before they walk down the aisle.