Ch-ch-ch-changes | Personal | Rose Wheat Photography

This year I attempted to start an herb garden (I even have proof). I imagined myself babying those cute little plants. Then, come some hot summer day, I would think to myself "gee, this chicken sure could use some parsley, sage, rosemary.... or even thyme," at which point a lightbulb would appear above my head, complimented by a happy "ding." I would run downstairs, scissors in hand, and snatch me some fresh-from-the-garden-emphasis-on-the-h herbs.

It seems though, that this will simply not be the case. Not at this point anyway.

You see, this year has been an odd one. Summer stayed hot, pushing autumn out of the way, and warmly inviting a bit of a chill for spring. Winter? It fell somewhere amidst hot flashes and blizzards, but some days I think it forgot to come at all. The snow that fell was just a mere sneeze from the clouds above. Needless to say, all this bipolar weather leaves this brown thumb with four terra cotta pots sprouting nothing but twigs.

While I may not be able to keep baby herbs alive, it seems that the Kansas terrain is well-seasoned in the art of caring for it's little bits of life that have sprouted up over the years. While part of me was worried that none of our trees would sprout leaves but instead turn to dust, I was relieved to see all of the trees gradually get dusted with a bit a green. 

Take for instance the apple tree in our yard. After winter things looked bleak, and I thought for sure my beautiful little tree would never sprout apples. However, one day I saw buds, days later I saw flowers, and now I'm almost positive that this fall there will be a Wheatley Apple Picking Festival. There are simply too many not to share!

The left photo was taken on 4/28/13 with the right being taken on 5/2/13.

Despite the changes in my life, the constant crazy weather, and my consistent lack of a knack for gardening, I'm glad that everything that's good and rooted has not failed. I can still count on trees to bloom, apples to grow, and seasons to change... eventually.

Bundle up or strip down (depending on your climate), and rejoice with the season you're currently living in. Worrying will only have you making more frequent trips to the salon to cover up that gray.

Have a happy Friday all---now go grab yourself a smoothie to kick the wintry-spring blues!