Introducing: A Rose Wheat Intern | Manhattan, KS Wedding Photographer | Rose Wheat Photography

As Rose Wheat Photography progresses and grows, something that I want to emphasize is change. Some of the most impactful moments in my life have been during times of transitions, when things became something less of what they were and something more of something else altogether. What is true in my personal life is also true in my photography business.

This year, I decided to take a leap—adding on not on not only new camera gear, but new people. In light of change, I would like to introduce to you Rose Wheat Photography’s first ever summer intern. Give a warm welcome to Emma!

That’s right, Rose Wheat Photography now has not only one but two Emmas on board. You can expect to see her, camera in hand, helping me on out during weddings this sumer.

As a former bride of mine, I’m especially excited to have her on board.
She’s kind of a big deal! ;)

Warm wishes and happy Thursday—