The Shoults Family | Redeployment | Ft. Riley | Rose Wheat Photography

This woman has patiently waited for the arrival of her husband from Afghanistan. While I've experienced a deployment myself as an army wife, her situation was a little more painful than mine. Days after her hubby's deployment, she gave birth to their first child. She allowed me to document her at the peak of her pregnancy, as well as while she gave birth, sans husband, like a champion. It only seemed appropriate to be present when they reunited.

After months of skype sessions, phone calls, and e-mails, her husband got the chance to hold their daughter for the first time ever. Can you imagine? Fathering a child into the world and all you have for months are all that a computer can provide. Finally. Finally. He got to hold his baby last night for the first time---ever.

Christina got to chat with her husband on the phone minutes before she saw him in person for the first time in months.
He was already on post, and she could hardly contain herself!

When you haven't seen your husband since September, you're going to focus on every last detail of your outfit. Love her chunky rings and bracelet.

She saw him for the first time, as commander, only feet away.

I'm sure they're snuggling, giggling, and learning to love each other all over again. This time, though, there's another person factored in who has clearly stolen their hearts. I'm so happy for them, so thankful I was asked to photograph their redeployment, and simply overjoyed that a family, once separated, is reunited. 

Wish them well on this momentous occasion!