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We're two months out from picking up and shipping out from Kansas, packing our life's collection of possessions and heading to the beautiful, ocean bordered state that is Florida. As with anything in the Army, this could change. We could end up staying in Kansas, despite the orders we've received to go elsewhere. However, it's almost too close for anything to change, and I don't know what to make of it. After months of denial and wishing to stay, my youthful nomadic desires are pushing me in the direction that my almost three-years-married self wants to reject. That direction is away from home, from dear family, and the closest friends I've ever had. It is towards something else that I won't know until I get there. 

In light of the mood of transition, I'm in a state of "final hurrahs." I'm sure you know what that is. It's where you're about to leave some place, and you make yourself do all of the things you never did because it wasn't the right time or it was too much money or you just didn't feel like it. It's a geographic bucket list if you will. It just hit me this morning that these things must be done. I've never eaten at the nicest restaurant in town (and incidentally the state), I've never gone to Sunset Zoo just to visit, shopped at Grandma Hoerner's, or visited the local Elderberry Vineyard. Sure, I'll be back to Manhattan, but at this point there's no time like the present!

Featured below is the first of my final hurrahs: shooting a styled shoot at Varsity Donuts. It's been a dream ever since they opened, so I can't wait to share more images with you shortly! It was an afternoon of beauty and cuteness thanks to the collaboration of local vendors and gorgeous models. Keep your eyes peeled for more from this shoot soon!


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