Stephanie + Patrick | Wedding | Seneca, KS | Rose Wheat Photography

Clouds, they say, brings rain, which they say brings goo luck on your wedding day. What kind of luck? Luck for a healthy, prosperous marriage? Luck for a smooth day and happy endings? Who really knows? Regardless of the type of good luck and Stephanie and Pat received on their wedding day, it's quite obvious that they did, in fact, receive good luck. How, you ask? Because there were buckets... and buckets of rain on their wedding day.
The morning was filled with deep blue clouds and scattered sunlight. It made for a rather romantic drive to Seneca, with rolling hills and small patches of trees that looked like they might have been forests at once point. Amidst the pouring rain and cool air, a bride was preparing to marry someone who had become her best friend. It's a delicate process "becoming." Every hair must be perfectly in place and every last speck of make-up evenly applied. Once she "becomes," whether there are clouds or pouring rain or sunshine, she will be ready to see her husband-to-be for the first time, just hours before they dedicate their lives to one another.
While it rained as they were getting ready, through their first portraits together, and through their ceremony, it didn't seem to matter to them. Why? Because they were together on their wedding day, and that was enough.

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