Courtney + Andrew | Couple | Manhattan, KS | Rose Wheat Photography

Courtney and Andrew are an amazing pair. As long as I've known them, it's been clear that they have big plans in life. Their current life situation has them preparing for big and amazing things, and I'm so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to share in their process. They asked me to photograph them so that they could give others a better idea of exactly who they are. Why? Because in the near future, they plan to travel to West Africa where they will assist Bible translation. While there are years of training in the process, their training will be well worth it as they will be spreading the Word of God and the hope of Jesus to men and women around the world. 
Just writing about what they will be doing gets me excited! To think that this couple is on such an incredible mission gives me butterflies! It's so amazing to see the individual endeavors of people everyday, and it's so rewarding to have my hand in their little journeys.

Interested in financially supporting them and learning more about their lives? Check out their virtual homebase: