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While I have never been a big fan of heavy, hot humidity where you feel just as wet before you take a shower as you do after, I have  been craving some sunshine. This photographer has been rained on, clouded-up, and spirt-dampened the entire summer. It's been more like an early fall or a prolonged spring. It has certainly not been summer though. While the calendar and educated professionals alike might try to convince you otherwise, don't let them fool you.   This  is not summer.
Now that we have that established, allow me to share me woes (and by the way welcome to my pity party). Ever since my beginnings in photography, I have been an avid backlighter. No really, in middle school, I remember practicing giving my friend a "halo" in a photograph by placing a piano light behind her head. I love  light. It's just the way I am. What with the less than sunny weather for several of my shoots this summer, I have been feeling pretty down. I yearned to surround someone's head in yummy, warm sunlight and maybe throw in a lens flare too. That just wasn't happening though. Instead I was stuck under umbrellas while wondering just how wet my long lenses could get before they needed a towel or threw in the towel.
This brings us to last Friday. The day was something of a miracle. The sun was actually  shining. Like really shining. It wasn't glowing through a haze, but was clean and clear and brightly shining . The sky was all dressed up with no place to go, and I was ready to let my camera soak it in. My only dilemma was that I had no one to shoot. No one. The stars were anything but aligned. Then this little ray of hope showed her face. You see, photographers have this understanding that they can just photograph each other. They just can. So we just did, and Rachel Nolan of Hello, Gorgeous. Photography was the lucky winner that evening.
While she's fairly early in her pregnancy, Melissa Bradfield Photography and I had a blast getting some fancy maternity fun in. Not only that, but Rachel let me borrow her Canon 50mm f/1.2 as I was practicing my head shots. My word, it was all so much fun, so happy, and so sunny!
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy these images of miss Rachel, bathed in sunlight and being cute. :)

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