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The other morning I met a friend for coffee before the sun came up. And I don't mean at 1:00 am as though I stayed up a little late and had coffee and the sun was sure to rise in several hours. I mean, I slept for the night, woke up, and left my house to grab coffee. When people ask, I say I'm a morning person. Really, I am. The chirping birds, the cool air, the drops of dew gathering on every blade of grass---it's good stuff. However, I'm also a sleep person. With ample sleep, the morning is my jam. The morning I'm referring to, "the other morning," was not my jam. Not even close.
With six hours in the horizontal, staring at the back of my eyelids in a semi-conscious state, I was lacking. My hair, my clothing decisions, and my general sense of nourishment were all impeded. So long as I was in a socially acceptable state, I did not care. Coffee was the only driving force, pulling me from my sheets, into my car, and down K-18. Oh yeah, that and good conversation. (One of my top love languages is quality time.)
Throwing my Kelly Moore over my shoulder (It's the only bag I have that fits my laptop, and I didn't want to say "laptop bag" or "camera bag" because neither made sense. Sorry for sounding pretentious. "Oooooo, look at me with my Kelly Moore bag."), I flung my front door open and was found breathless. It wasn't from rushing to get ready in ten minutes or eating too much cake at weddings. No, I don't have asthma or some sort of chronic lung disease. What's the problem then? Why was I breathless? The problem, my problem, is the overall sense of awe that I am struck with when I am encountered with the temporary displays of art that our Creator makes so effortlessly yet they are incomparable to anything we could possibly fashion ourselves.
With the shockingly cool but humid weather that has been hitting the Kansas area this summer, it has been incredible to see the way the seasons are responding. That breathless morning, layers of mist rested over the fields surrounding my home, making everything appear that much more distant and surreal. As a perfect compliment, the clouds were separated, allowing room for the light to make an impression on the sky before the sun broke through.
I wanted to be reminded of that morning, knowing that my camera couldn't possibly begin to understand what I was looking at, that an image couldn't capture the way I felt, but a picture would be enough still. In my sleep-deprived, malnourished state, I found an alternate driving force. I'm speaking of a force that has guided me to the most unexpected experiences, places, and people for most of my life. My alternate motivation that morning was that of capturing beauty. It is something embedded in the depths of my heart, and it's my joy to share it with you. 

A mist-filled Manhattan, Kansas sunrise.

This image isn't really my thing. Trees and fog and sky kind of fall into the "meh" category for me, but I really couldn't resist. It is so out of character to me in fact, that I didn't even want to post it, but it got such a huge response on my personal Facebook page, I what the hay.
So, for those of you that aren't from Kansas, this is what it's like. For those of you that are, this is what it's like in the morning. Get up. Grab coffee. Make tea. Catch up on your reading. Bake something fresh. Step outside and breathe. Even if you're a little more sleepy than normal, you will find energy from other sources. If all else fails... nap later.
On a side note, sorry for talking so much just so you could see this photo. I just started typing, and I will not claim responsibility for the influx of words that followed. This introvert just has to let it out sometimes. Don't expect much more for a while. ;)

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