Rachel + Hans | Wedding | Topeka, KS | Rose Wheat Photography

Early Saturday morning, Rachel nestled into her bed, clothed in white, silky pajamas as she wrote a letter to her soon-to-be husband. She was gifting him the words that were swimming around in her mind the day of their wedding, and it will remain something for him to look back on for the rest of their lives together. Meanwhile, her bridesmaids prepared a breakfast, brewing coffee and warming up to what the precious day ahead of them had to offer. 

After her curls were set and her hand-band delicately woven into her hair, she knew she was only moments from seeing her father for the first time, with whom Rachel would share a first look. With the help of her mother, Rachel put on her wedding gown and final details. It was in her backyard that she met with her father who was dressed to the nines. It became a moment of immediate tears, where they quickly realized that this was one of their last times together before she was more than a daughter, but the wife of a young man.

With her last adornments in place, it was at Hans’ childhood home she met with her fiancé, seeing him for the first time as her groom. Their first look proved to be one of the most endearing moments I have seen between a bride and groom, reminiscent of Gatsby’s reunion with Daisy (minus the obvious immoral implications). She was elated to see him, while he gladly met with his bride.

They then proceeded to the Jayhawk Theater in Topeka, KS. The run-down theater was a special place to Rachel and Hans, and made for the perfect location to take Vanity-Fair-inspired wedding party photos. It seemed that the moment their bridesmaids and groomsmen hit the stage, they were possessed by a spirit of awesome.  They were characterizing Newsies and dancers, posing but performing for the images. After the final shots, they continued to the site of their wedding.

It was on the property of family friends that they pledged their lives to one another. First though, Rachel and Hans along with their wedding party entered as the sons and daughters of Jerusalem, modeling scripture from the Song of Songs. Rachel stood in a blue dress as Hans described traits in her he adored, and then she reciprocated the gesture. They were then excused and proceeded with their ceremony. Rachel appeared as a beautiful bride, dressed in white, accompanied by her father. She walked down an aisle of grass, which was adorned in wild sunflowers, and met her groom. They shared a beautiful time of speaking their vows, exchanging their rings, and proclaiming the beginning of their life together.

Rachel and Hans began their married lives as servants, together preparing and handing out drinks for every last guest at their wedding. They continued the night with home-made treats, dancing, and laughing. As a poetic bookend, they ran through an aisle, surrounded by sparklers, at the end of which they jumped into a row boat and made the way to their getaway car. No detail on Rachel & Hans’ wedding day was overlooked, from the breakfast casserole in the morning, to the vintage photo locations, to their climactic sparkler exit and row-away. They had their hand on every moment of the day, every table covering and boutonnière, every pasta salad and every mini apple pie. It was through their effort that their families united and their life together began.

Sharing in their day, walking with them from sunrise to sunset, was a special privilege, and it is with great happiness that I share with you their moments. Enjoy!