Happy Cake | Photography | Rose Wheat Photography

Currently soaring 30,000 feet above the earth’s surface, I thought: “What better thing to do than share with my loyal photogra-friends how I shot the wedding cake this past Saturday?” While the question is rhetorical, the answer is NOTHING. There is nothing better to do, because you’re awesome. Whoever you are.

Now, for the backstory, I was speaking with the brilliant Shelley Paulson a few weeks prior, and she demonstrated the differences that happen when you use a longer lens. She had side-by-side comparisons, showing the difference a focal length can make. The moral of her story: longer lens = larger background. It was a great reminder, especially considering my most recent wedding.

This Saturday I got the opportunity to photograph my beautiful cousin’s wedding. Not only was it unique in that I was shooting family, but Amy, the bride, is an event planner with a shop in downtown Great Bend. Of course that meant for adorable details. When I got to her cake, I was happy to see fluffy butter cream frosting, real flowers, and a touch of sparkler modernity. That was my kind of cake! After setting up my umbrella on a stand camera right, I fired away. The light seemed fine, but the background just appeared a little skinnier than I would have liked. One minute later (literally, I checked the time stamp on the images), I remembered that in switching to a longer lens I would be able to make the background appear larger. Sure enough! Changing out my 50mm for a 100mm made a striking difference.


In hindsight, I wish I could have chosen an even longer lens, but overall I’m pleased to see a day-of wedding improvement!

Shot on a Canon 5D MKII