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A week ago today, I was wiggling out of bed, throwing the last of my possessions into a car, and making a final road trip with my family before hopping on two planes, "visiting" Seattle for the first time, and finally landing in Fairbanks. Finally, finally, finally. I thought it would never happen. I thought I would just be waiting forever, that the plane tickets would never get booked, that I'd have to hoof it all the way to the sub-arctic. And I would have. I was borderline hopeless, so I had to keep reminding myself of God's faithfulness, of his miraculous provision that goes beyond mere chance. 


While there were minor complications while traveling, I had so much peace while flying. In fact, at one point a Chinese woman leaned over to me and asked in broken English, "Do you have fear?" I grinned, knowing she was afraid, and said, "Not today." For the remainder of the four hour flight I stared out the window at the sunset. You see, we were chasing the sun, and it made the sun seem as though it would never set. It lasted for hours, and was an incredible sight. Near the end of my first flight, I even got a darkened glimpse of the majestic Mount Rainier, a mere shadow of the things to come.

 My first morning (and picture!) in Alaska, just a couple minutes' walk from my home. 

My first morning (and picture!) in Alaska, just a couple minutes' walk from my home. 

Exhausted, after some thirteen hours of traveling or so, I was reunited with my husband and him with me. It didn't even feel real, because it felt so normal. This is what I had been waiting for, a new place to call home, to stop saying goodbye, and to finally start anew here up north. I thought it would feel like arriving in Disney World, like knowing you're going to have these magical adventures, and getting butterflies just from eating breakfast because it's so new and exciting and it's everything everyone made it out to be. In reality though, traveling to Alaska was like going from home to home. While I was ready for magic, and still a fan of breakfast, I was so much more in place than I was displaced. It was the best internal welcome party for which I could have asked.

 Creamer's Field, Fairbanks, Alaska

Creamer's Field, Fairbanks, Alaska

Today Jeff and I celebrate our third anniversary. Incidentally, it's the first anniversary we'll be able to celebrate together. Between shooting weddings and being separated during deployments, I'm so over being apart on the day that commemorates our covenant. It's odd that we both had to travel 3500 miles to the same place to make it happen, but whatever it takes I guess. :)

For now we're exploring. Jeff has this rare opportunity to be my Magellan, as he shows me all of these new places he discovered before me. We also get to find new things together, knowing that we're here indefinitely. While I'm still finding a coffee shop to call home, and not 100% sure which hair stylist to trust, I feel settled, hopeful, and equipped for the journey to come.

Our next discovery: aurora borealis! Maybe I'll bring my big girl camera so I can share more than just iPhone images with you. (So profesh, I know) 

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