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Shooting film (moving to Alaska) is rather terrifying. While (everything about the state) the final product  is (will likely be) nothing short of amazing, I am somewhat surprised that I haven't grown my hair gray while waiting (to finally get to my new home) for my images to get back in. Film (an overseas Army move) negates the reassurance that (you know what your near future is going to look like) you've "got the shot," leaving (everything you held dear and leaned on) good images to fate it seems. Oddly enough, (a move this big) proper film photography is reduced to a science.

You send (your husband off to Alaska) the film off to the lab .
You trust that you (took care of everything at your old residence properly) did everything properly .
You relinquish control.
You wait. 

One week from tomorrow. One week from tomorrow. One week from tomorrow. 

All confusing writing styles aside, my film came back in, but not without me first learning a lot about patience. The pictures were fine. I have proof below. :) Check out even more images from our California visit, an autumn walk with black and white film (didn't realize the black and white part until later), and a conference shot on 35mm film from the Onething conference in Kansas City. Filmy goodness awaits!